Conda setup

conda create --name FooBarEnv python==3.8
conda activate FooBarEnv
conda install nb_conda_kernels # automatically install kernels
pip install poetry
poetry config virtualenvs.create false
poetry install --no-root
# deprecated by nb_conda_kernels => ipython kernel install --name "FooBarEnv"

How to auto-format width for pd.ExcelWriter()


for column in df:
    column_length = max(df[column].astype(str).map(len).max(), len(column))
    col_idx = df.columns.get_loc(column)
    writer.sheets[sheet_name].set_column(col_idx, col_idx, column_length)

What is the difference between list(dict) and dict.keys()

The difference is that list(dict) returns a copy and dict.keys() returns a view of the original keys. If you modify the keys using dict.keys() they are modified in the original dict as well.

Calling foo.keys() will return a dictionary view object. It supports operations like membership test and iteration, but its contents are not independent of the original dictionary – it is only a view.


How to do a basic setup for logging setup

import logging
import sys

    format="%(asctime)-23s %(levelname)-8s %(name)-10.10s %(message)s",
logger = logging.getLogger()

How to add logs

Add this to pyproject.toml

log_cli = true
log_cli_level = "INFO"
log_cli_format = "%(asctime)s [%(levelname)8s] %(message)s (%(filename)s:%(lineno)s)"
log_cli_date_format = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"