About Jan

Hi 👋

My name is Jan Meppe and I’m an Amsterdam-based data scientist / software engineer.

I am passionate about using data to make better decisions.

I obsessively collect data and turn them into results. For example I,

  • Used data science to reduce a client’s CI/CD build times by 67% resulting in significant cost savings
  • Used data science to become one of Europe’s top 500 players in Overwatch (top 0.0012% performance)
  • Used data science to figure out how to solve a Rubik’s cube in <15 seconds

I code:

  • I do machine learning stuff in Python with TensorFlow/Keras, Scikit-learn, Pandas, and Numpy
  • I do web stuff in JavaScript with React, React-native, and Node.js

Here is a list of some of the technical things that I’ve worked on.

I write:

  • I write a sort-of daily newsletter, Today Jan Learned. In 2020 I published 37 editions of TJL.
  • I also write on my blog www.Janmeppe.com. In 2020 I published 23 blog posts and in 2019 I published 7.
  • One of my blog posts was featured on the front page of Hacker News and was read more than 30.000 times.

I am currently learning React-Native to build native apps:

This blog is built with Jekyll using the Minimal mistakes theme which I heavily tweaked and write about as well:

I am passionate about helping others you can view some of my tutorials:

I currently work as data science consultant / machine learning engineer / software engineer in the Amsterdam office of Cognizant helping our clients leverage the power of AI and machine learning.

Before that, I studied econometrics (financial engineering) in Amsterdam:

Find me on: