Hi 👋

My name is Jan Meppe and it is my mission to change the way that people learn.

To fulfill that mission, I currently work as a machine learning engineer at an education startup called Snappet.

Before that, I worked as a data science consultant for Cognizant.

I build machine learning systems at scale in Python and AWS.

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Three popular (>20.000 reads) blogs that I wrote are:

I am passionate about writing good software

And I love writing about it:

I love data-driven decision making

I believe that machine learning is just one expression of data-driven decision making:

  • I used data-driven decision making to become one of the best 500 players in Europe in a game called Overwatch (that’s the 0.0012%th percentile performance)
  • I used data-driven decision making to learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube in under 15 seconds
  • I used data-driven decision making to reduce a client’s CI/CD build times by a factor 3x resulting in significant cost savings

I make tiny tutorials about AWS infrastructure

I write about things that interest me

I write because I like it and because writing can help people at scale:

  • Janmeppe.com hosts 50+ of my blog posts
  • Today Jan Learned contains 100+ editions of my now discontinued daily newsletter
  • Hacker News featured one of my blog posts on their front page and was read more than 30.000 times.

I made an iOS app in the past!

I built an iPhone app that was live on the app store and wrote about what I learned:

I write about how to set up a blog like this

I share what I learn setting up this Jekyll blog with the Minimal Mistakes theme:

I studied here

I studied econometrics (financial engineering) with a focus on machine learning:

I hang around here

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