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My name is Jan Meppe and I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Snappet. I blog about how to become a better machine learning engineer.

Here are some of my blog posts loosely organised by topic.

I love data-driven decision making

That being said… I love machine learning, but what really really drives me is my obsession for data-driven decision making:

  • I used data-driven decision making to become one of the best 500 players in Europe in a game called Overwatch (that’s the 0.0012%th percentile performance)
  • I used data-driven decision making to learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube in under 15 seconds
  • I used data-driven decision making to reduce a client’s CI/CD build times by a factor 3x resulting in significant cost savings

I write a lot

I write because I like it and because I can help people at scale:

  • I have written more than 50 articles on my blog www.janmeppe.com
  • I wrote more than 150 editions of my sort-of daily (but now discontinued) newsletter Today Jan Learned.
  • Hacker News featured one of my blog posts on their front page and was read more than 30.000 times.

I also build mobile apps…

I built an iPhone app that is live on the app store and wrote about what I learned:

Do you want a blog like this?

I share what I learn setting up this Jekyll blog with the Minimal Mistakes theme:

I studied here

I studied econometrics (financial engineering) with a focus on machine learning:

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