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Set Python 3 as default on Mac

1 minute read

The default Python version that ships with (older) Mac OS software is hilariously old. Because I am still developing on a mid-2014 MBP Retina (SUE ME!) I was...

I built a bike (build log)

2 minute read

I built a bike! This is going to be a short build log on how I did it. Big shoutout to my buddy Jelle an the store guy who were both instrumental in completi...

How to open last edited file in Vim

less than 1 minute read

While googling “How to open my last edited file in Vim”, I found this excellent StackOverflow post.

Make your Anki flashcards atomic

2 minute read

In Augmenting Long-Term Memory, quantum physicist Michael Nielsen explains how he uses Anki to augment his long-term memory. Nielsen explains why you should ...