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This is another lesson that I learned building machine learning systems. For the other lessons that I learned click here.

Imagine that youโ€™re like a little machine with some inputs and outputs.

And your job as a machine is to generate the correct output.

It sounds obvious, but if you do not get the right inputs, itโ€™s impossible to get the right outputs.

Therefore, itโ€™s your job as a machine to figure out what inputs you need to make these correct outputs.

What do you need to go from this:

To this:

What inputs does the machine need to create the right outputs?

And thereโ€™s NO shame in getting these inputs! For example this could be: asking for more direction, or asking for technical help on a coding problem, or asking for some time to ask some validating questions.

Do whatever you need to get the right inputs to create the right outputs.