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What did I really do these last two weeks?

What output did I really produce?

That’s the question that I’m trying to answer for myself right now. As a seasoned data scientist there’s only one way to figure out… collect more data! To gather data I tracked my output every day on a post-it note like this:

Without further ado, this is what the data shows!

Version 3 of RemindMe

Design and code for RemindMe (v3).

I am building an app to make the most out of your positive feedback. It is an app that allows you to save/record your positive feedback and then periodically reminds you of it. It’s first working name was Praise, now it’s RemindMe.

Watch the video down below or view it on YouTube by clicking here.

32 handwritten morning pages

Wrote 32 morning pages.

I’ve been writing so-called morning pages, “three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing.” It’s usually the first thing I do when I wake up. I grab a cup of coffee and (hopefully) before getting sucked into the dark corners of the internet I try to fill three pages of writing.

So 32 pages of stuff like this:

Publishing my Jupyter notebooks as notes

Published 11 Jupyter Notebooks as notes.

We should get better at data science the more we do it, in other words knowledge work should accrete. But I feel like I often google things that I feel like I should know already (i.e. how to do a grid search on a scikit-learn pipeline). To remedy this I want to create, host, and maintain an online repository of code notebooks that I find personally valuable and often reuse.

View my notes by clicking here.

(Layout shamelessly stolen from Chris Albon’s notes.)

Registered Flashcardlabs.com

Registered Flashcardlabs.com.

The plan is to turn it into a blog about how to lead a better life by thinking better. That means I have to write content about how to think better, study better, act better, beat procrastination etc.

View the website by clicking here.

(Inspired by Nesslabs.com and Farnam Street)

Sent out 14 TJLs

Sent out 14 versions of my newsletter Today Jan Learned.

I haven’t been posting every religiously and I’m not too happy with the quality of my writing the last couple of weeks. I need to either plan better or devote more time to it.

Read my newsletter by clicking here.

Drive around Easter break

Had a nice motorcycle trip over the Easter weekend.

A nice stew

I also made a nice stew? I realised that all good cooking takes is good ingredients, lots of spices, and time.


So yeah… that’s what I’ve been up to these last two weeks.

Still don’t feel like I did enough though.