I build machine learning products/platforms in Python and deploy them at scale using AWS.

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Snappet (2021 - present)

I work for Snappet which is one of the largest educational AI startups in The Netherlands. Here I first worked on modeling & research and am now working on machine learning platform infrastructure.

Cognizant (2019 - 2021)

I worked in the Digital Strategy & Innovation Amsterdam office of Mirabeau/Cognizant as a data science consultant. I ran 10 projects in 7 different teams in 3 different countries.

Feedbackgoat.com (Feb 2023)

I built a small tool to quickly give and receive feedback. View the website at www.feedbackgoat.com. In this project I learned about:

Technologies: Python, Django, Postgresql, Bootstrap

iOS app: 3 good things (June 2021)

I built an iPhone app that was live on the app store and wrote about what I learned:

Technologies: Javascript (ES6), React, Redux

Neural Network From Scratch (Nov 2018)

I built my own neural network without any external libraries and livestreamed the process on Twitch with great viewer engagement.

Technologies: Python, Numpy

Videos: Video (Youtube)