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You can always kill the feature

1 minute read

If you aren’t sure whether you should build a feature or not, err on the side of building it. Why? Because you can always kill it.

What is a startup?

6 minute read

This is my summary of the Startup = Growth essay by Paul Graham. Much of the sentences are lifted ad verbatim so they can’t really be considered my own words...


2 minute read

Update time! Things happened while you were away: I got a new job, I went on a vacation, and I got vaccinated!

How to take more useful paper notes

2 minute read

I love notebooks. I love those fancy expensive Moleskins and Leuchtturms with 80 grams per squared meter acid-free paper, although I have no idea whether tha...

This week in: Today I learned (TIL)

4 minute read

I’ve been keeping a running list of some of the interesting things that I learned these last couple of weeks. Hopefully you steal a trick or two from me here!

Simple React Native Redux counter example

1 minute read

If you are learning React Native and Redux and still really don’t understand Redux try looking at this simple counter app that I made. This app aims to clear...